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Bats in the atticWhy use a professional?
Different parts of the country have different guidelines. A professional knows those restrictions and is trained in the proper and humane removal of wildlife. After getting rid of the problem [bats, squirrels and possums to name a few], the next step is "exclusion," which simply means doing what is needed to protect your home from re-entry. AWL Wildlife Control is a professional.

Wildlife Management is not simply "Protecting" or "Removal"

"The Wildlife Society (TWS) policy statement for wildlife damage control (1992) states: "Prevention or control of wildlife damage . . . is an essential
and responsible part of wildlife management."

Wildlife management is often thought of in terms of protecting, enhancing, and nurturing wildlife populations and the habitat needed for their well-being. However, many species at one time or another require management actions to reduce conflicts with people or with other wildlife species.

an airport manager must modify habitats to reduce gull activity near runways
•  a forester sometimes must remove pocket gophers to increase tree seedling survival in a reforestation project
•  a biologist traps an abundant predator or competing species to enhance survival of an endangered speciessquirrels
•  bat removal when they have formed roosts or maternity colonies in human dwellings or structures.

Wildlife damage control, conducted in accordance with environmental regulations, is an increasingly important part of the wildlife management profession because of expanding human populations and wildlife-people conflicts. Wildlife damage control activities must be based on sound economic, ecological, and sociological principles and carried out as positive, necessary components of overall wild-life management programs

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